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To add to Roberts answer, the suffix -s is only omitted on names if the name is after an article ("des", "eines"). If the order is changed so that the article gets left out, then also names have to have the suffix -s. (If the name is ending on an s or a similar sound like -sch, instead of the -s an apostrophe is added) Examples: das Werk Angelus ...


Your first examples are all names, and they remain unchanged. With other nouns, you need to use the Genitive case; for example "Jäger des verlorenen Schatzes", "Herr des Hauses", "Regisseur des Films", or "bester Schauspieler des Theaters". Other terms like "Meister der Musik" or "Chef der Behörde" or "Verwalter der Finanzen" remain without Genitive-S ...

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