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I'm not an expert, however mit is a preposition that always requires the dative. The sentence in the textbook is correct: Mit heißem Tee


I'm sure Duden knows what he says. But I would avoid "eine Tasse heißen Tees". That reminds me too much of the language of Schiller, two hundred years ago. And I would also avoid "eine Tasse heißem Tee". That sounds very awkward to me. I would simply say "Ich möchte einen heißen Tee", to avoid the problem with adjective + noun after a noun describing ...


Both examples are correct. The second one is considered elevated or refined language. Duden – Richtiges und gutes Deutsch, 6. Aufl. Mannheim 2007: Substantivierte Adjektive und Partizipien nach Mengenangaben stehen gewöhnlich im Genitiv: (…) Dagegen weisen singularische Substantive nach Mengen- und Maßangaben heute gewöhnlich denselben Kasus wie ...

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