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"Jawooolllooo" is the extended version of "Jawohl". It's like writing "YYYYEEEEESSSSS". Google was right with "mäßig" if the word stood alone. But here it is used as a suffix and has a different meaning. You can translate "hot-boy-mäßig" with "like a hot-boy".


rucki zucki or ruck zuck is another way of saying sehr schnell. Here is a reference. In English you could say in a jiffy or in no time (at all) Source: dict.cc There even used to be a German TV game show called Ruck Zuck where (at least one part) was about answering quickly.


This is a question of word formation, of which natural language processing using programming could prove useful. You could cross-reference all words with the desired suffixes and get useful statistics on the number of matches. You would have to look at the semantics in each case to determine the number of times that the meaning overlaps (time-consuming ...


They're saying „Ausstieg links/rechts“. Ausstieg is a noun derivative from the verb aussteigen. Basically they're just telling you on which side to get out, i.e. where the exit is.

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