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If there really is embossed Fur Reichbeshaffenungsamp then you've got a cheap imitate, because there are 5 errors in it. In correct German it would be: Für Reichsbeschaffungsamt The errors are: The u in Fur is wrong. It must be ü (Umlaut-u) (Für). There must be an s after Reich (a so-called Fugen-s that has the function of an connector ...


You misread a k for an f. The correct spelling is Bemerkungen: Nachträgliche Bemerkungen = subsequent remarks. It is written correctly in the form. The Fraktur-Glyph for the letter k looks similar to a modern f. See: Fraktur in Wikipedia


"MITTLE" should be "MITTEL" (in the meaning of chemical substance), and Kühlmittel is the cooling liquid in the engine. You are right about NIEDR being short for niedrig = low, and you already guessed the consequence: Stop the engine because there is not enough cooling liquid left.


Yes, it's the past perfect form of aufstehen.


This phrase is common in football (= soccer) as an expression to denote the display of fancy skills by a player. Most of the time it is meant as criticism, for instance by the coach, meaning that the player should do something simpler and more effective instead.


Meine Vorschläge: "Here's why"-hoot "Here's how"-hoot "Here's how"-owl "That's how"-cat Because-bear Reason-Rhino Explainosaurus Tell-us-tiger Teach-us-tiger


"Erklärbär"is a play with the word erklärbar. Maybe you can shed a light on the word formation by an analogy: explain-apple.

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