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"Sofort" is a point in time meaning "right now". "Dringend" is a quite high task priority, so "sofort" is a good point in time to address it.


Sport treiben is in fact a commonly used short form. The actual root of "Sport treiben" ist "Sport betreiben", which - by pure coincidence ;) - is translated as "to practice AE/to practise BE" in leo. Nearly no one would say "Ich betreibe Sport" in Germany any more, my grandma was the last one, I guess.


treiben means 'to do' in the context of whatever verb is used in the sentence.


"Treiben" is related to "to drive" and "to drift" and the core idea can be expressed as to (make something) move If you're able to think abstract you can find that in all of the (very divers) uses for the word. Here are a few examples: to float, drift : moving forward on the water; the element of "not by one's own force" is a random addition ...


The different meanings for the verb treiben I can think of are: Im Wasser treiben translated as to float Sport treiben translated as to do sports Etwas voran treiben translated as to push something forward (e. g. a project) Eine Herde (voran) treiben translated by leo.org as to drive So, all in all, there is no main meaning for treiben, ...


There is a transitive and an intransitive version of "treiben". The transitive "treiben" generally means imparting a more or less constant movement to somebody, in the sense of chasing or startling them, or something, mostly of a more abstract kind, as an occupation, a craft, a sport, etc. Examples: Ich treibe Sport (I do sports; I think practise isn't ...

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