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This reminds me of an anecdote I heard a few years ago (written from memory): A prime minister was visiting a foreign country. Since he couldn't speak the language he was assisted by a translator. At some point during his speech the prime minister made a joke. The translator made a little pause, smirked and said: "The prime minister made a ...


Generally speaking, this isn't possible. The function of a translation is not to serve as an index to the words of the original, but convey the meaning.


Rilke's poem Weißt du, ich will mich schleichen leise aus lautem Kreis, wenn ich erst die bleichen Sterne über den Eichen blühen weiß. My translation Listen (darling), I will creep away from these noisy people, then when I know pale stars are blooming white high over the oak trees. Wege will ich erkiesen, die selten wer betritt in blassen ...


'... has evolved over time' or ' ... has developed over time'. Das muss nicht zwingend veraltet sein, sondern es kann positiv bedeuten, dass damit viel Geschichte verbunden ist, oder - wertfrei - dass es einen komplexen Eindruck macht (weil so viel Entwicklungsgeschichte enthalten ist).


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