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A few possibilities for how these ellipses could be completed: Finden Sie immer das passende Geschenk! (accusative) Wir finden immer das passende Geschenk! (accusative) Immer das passende Geschenk finden Sie bei uns! (accusative) Auf Sie wartet immer das passende Geschenk! (nominative) Both the nominative and accusative cases imply the suffix -e on ...


You are correct. Reasons: If the relative clause started with den, it would not have a subject. *den{acc-object} aus schwarzem Leder{description} war{verb — conjugated to what?} Technically, sentences without subject are no problem in German, but not with the copula sein. The case of the word in the main clause is irrelevant for the case of the ...


Akkusativ ist falsch. Zugrunde liegt: Frederika sah einen Beutel. Der Beutel war aus schwarzem Leder. (nicht: Den Beutel war aus schwarzem Leder.) Er war aus schwarzem Leder. / … einen Beutel, der aus schwarzem Leder war.


It is normal to put an "e" as termination for the adjective in front of a neutral noun. for example: Das verletzte Kind Das grosse Haus Das schöne Wetter and so on. There is no verb because it is a slogan.

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