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As the others have already said: "vor" is temporal here, which means it takes the dative. Look at your sentence again. The motion expressed in it is not towards the "Anmeldung" but towards/into "Beratung". So "vor" obviously isn't involved in the motion - it belongs to the phrase telling you when to perform this motion: "vor der Anmeldung". Incidentally, ...


"Vor" is temporal here: Please go to the consultancy in X before signing up.


Just a small addendum: The phrase "Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod" has become very popular again within the last years. One of the more popular ambassador of this oppinion is a journalist called Bastian Sick, who writes his columns entitled "Zwiebelfisch", published on the german magazine Spiegel. The phrase itself is kind of a wordplay as it ...

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