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I would do it just the same way as in english: pluralize the last part of the compound: Ich habe genug von deinen "Ich-wars-nicht"s! Du-weisst-schon-wers But i actually never hear it. Germans do not use such constructions too often. Instead, a paraphrase is used: Ich habe genug von deinen Ausreden!


I don't think there is one way, that will always work, but let me suggest how I would translate your example using a compound: Ich habe genug von deinen dauernden Ich-war-es-nicht. Compare it to Ich habe genug von deinem dauernden Ich-war-es-nicht. deinen shows the following is plural, while deinem shows singular. This works here, but could fail for ...


I think that such phrases with hyphens are used seldom. The thing I just remember is: Hanns Guck-in-die-Luft (Struwwelpeter), but then it is a replacement for a name and not a quotation used as a noun. I would write it just with quotes and without hyphens: Ich habe genug von deinem ständigen "Ich war es nicht". In this case I would prefer singular.

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