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Wie RoyPJ sagt muss es Was bedeutet Wetter? heißen, allerdings ohne Anführungsstriche die für wörtliche Rede verwendet werden oder Zitate, allenfalls noch in zweideutigen Situationen, wenn keine anderen Auszeichnungen wie Kursivschreibung zur Verfügung stehen. Hier besteht aber keine Schwierigkeit den Sinn des Satzes zu erfassen. Es gibt aber auch ...


Considering the headline of this post i think you just wanted to know if your friend was right. He was wrong, the correct translation is: Was bedeutet "Wetter"? ( = What does "wetter" mean? )


The sentence "Was bedeutet Wetter bedeuten." does not make any sense to me. Maybe you mean something like: Was bedeutet "Morgenrot kann schlechtes Wetter bedeuten"? This could be translated to: What is the meaning of "A red sky in the morning indicates bad weather"? In this sentence the second "bedeuten" is "to indicate" or "to signify" or "to ...


The standard question looks like: Was bedeutet "your word(s) here"? Only auxiliary verbs can appear twice in the same sentence... And maybe some modal verbs or some that have two different (and compatible) meanings. Your friend's version correspnds to "What does weather mean random form of mean?"

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