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Dem is a demonstrative pronoun here that just by coincidence looks like the article. Just like the noun it refers to it is in Dative case because of the preposition von. Though leaving the von out the second time would theoretically make sense, it doesn't really sound right to my ears. Consciously, I am able to process it and carry the von over, but by ...


The first sentence is not correct (it does not make sense), the second one is. There are two different things to consider: Repetition of "von": "von etwas träumen" is similar to the English "to dream of sth". If you dream of someone or something (rather than just dreaming), you have to include the "von" the same as you would in English. Thus the first ...


I, as a German would say: Ich träume mehr von meinem Bruder als von dem meiner Freundin. The dem means the Bruder, you just don't write Bruder behind it, because you don't need it. I can't tell you the exact grammatic declaration, I just can say that it works like that.

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