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There are several options: Ask an American professional genealogist with a German genealogy focus (search the directory of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) for German American specialists) or a German professional genealogist (list). Ask a non primarily genealogy related service like Altdeutsche Schreibstube, Alphatrad, Czau or ...


In German, this type of handwriting is normally called Sütterlin, although technically that only refers to a specific late simplified variant (due to Ludwig Sütterlin) that was last taught in schools. Another common way of referring to this, which is properly applicable to the older forms as well, is [alte] deutsche Schreibschrift. And finally there is the ...


This is a handwriting, that has this names (english translations in brackets): Kurrentschrift (kurrent writing) Deutsche Kurrentschrift (German kurrent writing) Alte Deutsche Schrift (old German writing) In English you also find the name German cursive. The word Kurrent comes from latin currere (to run). The German words for Handwriting are Handschrift ...


I'd say that this is Deutsche Kurrentschrift.

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