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Essentially, it does mean exactly this, but it is worded a bit differently: The ratio (Verhältnis) of that angle to the full angle (2π) is supposed to be irrational.


Auf Nachweis means that the (sub-)contractor keeps tracks of all work that was done (-> Arbeitsnachweis, or colloquially Stundenzettel), including time, executed tasks, used machinery (optional) and time to drive to building site, which is signed and supplied to the customer to be countersigned. This is the basis for the subsequent billing - basically hourly ...


Der Duden hat die Antwort. Siehe 10 u. 11: sich machen lassen; möglich sein (umgangssprachlich) einigermaßen akzeptabel sein, gerade noch angehen sich in bestimmter Weise entwickeln; in bestimmter Weise verlaufen b in bestimmter Weise zu handhaben, zu machen, durchzuführen sein (Das Nummerierungsformat beißt sich - ich bekomme es nicht als 10 a/b, 11 ...


"Das geht aber nicht!" expresses strong indignation in a situation when someone behaves in a way that can't be tolerated, e.g. someone smokes in a smoke-free area, as you said. I would not call such formulas "idioms", they are fixed situational formulas that you use only in very special situations. Situational formulas are a very important part of ...


I usually used and heard it being used in situations like the one you described. It is kind of an idiom, roughly meaning it is not ok what is happening/you are doing. It is generally used as a first step in pointing out that something is not as it is supposed to be. Example: Say you are doing a task, and doing it wrong. A person would point that out to ...


Less friendly: Herr wirf Hirn vom Himmel. More friendly: Er/Sie hat noch viel Potenzial.


Etwas geht. has many meanings: walk Something walks. If »something« is a person or a humanoid robot (or in Austrian German also any animal with legs). Herr Maier walks home. C3PO walks through the spaceship. The chicken walks across the street. Herr Maier geht heim. C3PO geht durch das Raumschiff. Das Huhn geht über die ...

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