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Both the intensifier tierisch and the figurative though somewhat enigmatic phrase auf den Keks gehen are typical examples of Jugendsprache (teenage slang). But as they are at least several decades old, they are pretty much mainstream nowadays, though obviously quite informal. Neither has any sexual connotations whatsoever. Tierisch literally means beastly ...


Yes this is really used. Near Stuttgart this is a frequent colloquialism. Tierisch is just an intensifier and as such optional, though usually at least some intensifier is included. Interestingly I can't think of a different one off the top of my head, which may be because it is the most frequent identifier (at least from my personal impression). In ...


You can say "Das macht mich wahnsinnig!". If you want to say it to another person, you can use "Du machst mich wahnsinnig". I don't know if this is, what you mean. If not, tell me.

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