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The lyrics in classical music are often stilted, frequently concerning religious topics and in modern popular music they are often full of puns, revolving around romantic topics. Also, rhyme and rhythm are usually more important than pronunciation and grammar, which could make the language better resemble the one actually spoken than in most other written ...


Yes, some singers like Helene Fischer have their songs with clear pronunciation. They helped me grab some words.


Yes! Crissov's answer is a very good one, but I will give a contrary answer based on my own language learning experience. Your mileage may vary. I learned both German and Japanese to a high degree of fluency as an adult, and memorizing poetry and song lyrics was a major part of my process in both languages. It's important not to just start memorizing ...


Have at it, but choose carefully. My high school German teacher brought beer hall songs in December instead of christmas carols. That was in 1982-84 and I can still remember most of them (unfortunately he didn't bring German beer too). We also knew the full lyrics (and meaning) of Nena's 99 Luftballons, a huge hit at the time. Nena also has a lovely voice, ...


My proposal is Das digitale W├Ârterbuch der deutschen Sprache. After entering the search word, look especially in the upper left box for the definition.


There is Wortschatz bei the University of Leipzig. It is a corpora collection that automatically crawls online ressources and give example sentences. They at the time of writing this have 26 Mio sentences and 425 Mio tokens.

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