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I don't think that there is any song or poem to remember the case endings. However, I cannot be sure since to prove the absence of something is often much harder than to prove its existence. ;-) In the end the only mnemonic aid is a table similar to the one that E.V. posted in her/his answer. But: It isn't as hard as it looks at first glance. There are ...


This is the way I did it. I used this summery and with time I practised, practised and practised. Making mistaked all the time and being corrected. I have no "easier" way to suggest


All the declensions of almost any word are found in Wiktionary, if they are to be declined. As I see that you aim at a basic vocabulary, you won't need in the following pair of years a bigger data basis. Fortunately, in German, nouns are barely declined. Example: you want to know how to decline Elefant. Then you directly search for it ...

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