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Well, to learn vocabulary and grammar in a class is boring and strenuous. My method is different. I begin with simplest children's stories for 5-year-old children. These stories are interesting, they are illustrated in colours with one or two sentences on each page and they are short. Furthermore they often contain dialogues. Of course, I need a dictionary ...


Well, the answer is probably the same for any language: learn the vocabulary and grammar in a class. But besides books and people in class, there is something that I found very good for learning English and it sure applies also for German: Watch TV series on DVD. The reasons for this are as follows: A TV series runs longer than a movie. This gives you time ...


I suggest you check out Adlung Games, a small independent board game studio that focuses exclusively on card games. They developed many of their games together with professional educators, therapists, teachers etc., and do a lot of testing with their "target demographic group" - but always with the focus of "must be fun", never the "obvious training ...


A simple analogy would be for a modern English learner to read Shakespeare. His language would possibly not be easily comprehensible in any way.

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