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Das Wort "knicksen", früher auch "knixen", bedeutet "einen Knicks machen" (veraltet auch "Knix"). Der Knicks ist das damenhafte Pendant zur Verbeugung. Mehr Informationen zum Knicks als solchen gibt es bei Wikipedia, Wörterbuch-Informationen gibt es unter anderem beim Duden Online, ein Bild ist auf zu finden.


I am a proponent of researching the historical context of poetry to help with the interpretation, and for art songs, to also look at the music, to deduct the composer's interpretation. Here are my musings on this particular poem/song, which happens to be one of my favorites. Heine was famous for his irony and sarcasm, so a question whether irony or sarcasm ...


At first, as Emanuel, I didn’t recognize the poem to be apparently ironical. But then I read what you said you had heard about the explosive endings. I think this is a great observation. There is also the other explosive ending -st in “längst”, “strahlst”, “bist”, “frißt”. (I’ve just seen that you mentioned that sound as well.) Say them out loud. Form ...

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