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Duden knows only a "das Reissue" - for "Wiederausgabe" of records or books. (Even if "Ausgabe" is feminine) This hints to neuter. Issue in my daily usage would directly translate to "Problem", which is clearly neuter. I do not really see an issue with simply using "Problem". In my usage it is a problem someone had with your software which might or might not ...


Das ist die direkte Übertragung des englischen own goal mitsamt der dazugehörigen Abkürzung OG. Das deutsche Wort dafür ist ein Eigentor. Auf deutschsprachigen Spielberichten werden Eigentore (in Sportarten, in denen sie auftreten können) als ET abgekürzt.


I always use "das" for Github issues and haven't heard the use of any other article for it. Avoiding the word "issue" seems like a poor solution because this term is used a lot in IT and is specific to Github issues if the entire conversation is about a project on Github. "Issue" then doesn't refer to issues in general. It very often is the case that the ...

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