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Both is correct. The "Vereinigungsmenge" is read as: A vereinigt mit B or Die Vereinigung(or Vereinigungsmenge) von A und B Consequently, the "Schnittmenge" is read as: A geschnitten mit B or Die Schnittmenge von A und B Wikipedia is indeed a great place to start, but I also suggest – in case you're interested in maths – to watch lectures on Youtube. ...


Both algebraical constructs can be expressed using modulo. Factorized constructs like $F/\sigma_n$ are read F durch die symmetrische Gruppe or F (faktorisiert) nach der symmetrischen Gruppe or F modulo symmetrische Gruppe or F modulo der symmetrischen Gruppe (I haven't heard anybody say F modulo die symmetrische Gruppe but I wouldn't even bother if I ...


I do not know if I am an expert, but I am a German mathematician. I would use the genitive case.


The exact same thing happens in English. One would say: Let ψn(x) be the characteristic function of the Hamiltonian operator Ĥ. This has a different meaning than: ψn(x) is the characteristic function of the Hamiltonian operator Ĥ.

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