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"Obwohl ich nicht sie gut kenne" would imply that it is someone/something else whom you know well, instead of her (for example, "..., obwohl ich nicht sie gut kenne, sondern nur die Cover-Versionen von XY."). "obwohl ich nicht gut sie kenne." has the wrong word order "sie" must be before "gut"). But if you correct that word order. keeping the "nicht" in ...


You need to ask what is being modified by the adverb and the rule is to put it as closely as possible to the modified word (or phrase). Let's start with a main clause: Ich kenne sie gut. There would be two possibilities for nicht. Either you'd like to say "It's not me who knows it well" or you'd like to say "I don't know it well". Note, in German ...


The correct phrase would be a mix of both your translations: obwohl ich sie nicht gut kenne. There is also a similar question you might want to look at here Here are some external references (taken from the other question): canoo.net and about.com


The only correct order would be: "obwohl ich sie nicht gut kenne"

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