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I would say: Z modulo n. In most contexts it will be unnecessary to mention Z here. Die multiplikative Gruppe modulo p. Die Polynome (mit Koeffizienten) modulo 2 in der Variable T modulo (dem Polynom) T hoch 3 plus T plus 1. Note that one never says "T drei" for "T hoch drei" in German, but one can also say "T zur dritten". Now, if I would ...


It's always a bit difficult to translate this kind of thing, but here's how I understand they should be translated: A type is called Typ or Datentyp (e.g. Bool) In order to distinguish primitive from compound types, they're also called Elementare Datentypen A type containing other types is called a Container or Abstrakter Datentyp (e.g List) A compound ...

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