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Are there any (other) German nouns that do not have a gender? Yes. There are nouns in German without articles or with Nullartikel. I have used this trick to find German nouns without an article.


"Unterrichtsbuch" is not in popular use, but it can always be created as a compound word of course. There are no limits to compound words in german, literally. You can consider it an exact synonym, yes. The most common word is probably "Schulbuch" but "Lehrbuch" is a perfectly fine, if a little bit more formal alternative.


There might be a difference in meaning, since "Unterrichtsbuch" seems to be designated for actual classes in a school and "Lehrbuch" seems to be a more generic word. E.g. a "Lehrbuch" could be a book, meant to support a teacher, or it could be a book, in which you could study on your own, outside of any school environment. Still, in the end, for me (native ...


"Schwarz" serves as an adverb here. "Den Kaffee schwarz trinken" has a special meaning of drinking coffee without milk.

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