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In every language there are nouns that have only a plural form, but no singular. In German for instance Leute, Kosten, Ferien. The grammar term for such plural nouns is Latin Pluraletantum, which means " plural only". de.wikipedia has more information: http://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pluraletantum


Yes, you could as well say "wir trinken einen Wein / ein Bier / einen Schnaps ...", and in a restaurant you could order "ein Wasser" or "einen Saft". All these drinks come in glasses or bottles that you could count. When there is no need to mention the kind of container and the exact quantity in it (because it doesn't matter, is clear from the context or ...


We can count glasses or bottles of a drink and often there are special glasses for different drinks. A champagne glass has often the same shape and size (about 100 ml). Therefore "ein Sekt" is fairly precise describing the quantity. Drinking one beer could be a bottle or a glass of beer in quite different sizes. And when we say "Lass uns ein Bier trinken" it ...

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