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In the Bundeswehr, use of zwo when counting is definitely still common, although it might be dependent on region.


I recommend to rephrase the statement in German, but this is difficult if you want to avoid to use the noun „Stadt“ twice: „Die Stadt ist Nummer 45 auf der Liste der schönsten Städte des Landes.“ „Unter den schönsten Städten des Landes nimmt [Stadtname] den 45. Platz ein.“ „Unter den schönsten Städten des Landes steht [Stadtname] an 45. ...


I would say / write it like this: Die fünfundvierzigstschönste Stadt. I also have my doubts about the correctness, since anything above 12 is uncommon.


Never thought about it (native German speaker) :) You would probably try to avoid doing this, because there is no elegant way to say "45th most whatever". Up to "zwölft (12) schönste Stadt" it works very well, but not beyond. If you have doubt: Please give me a practical example when you would need such a phrase.


Ich kenne nur fuffzig und fuffzehn (Dialekt), nicht "fuchzig" oder "fuchzehn".


It's just dialect. Only "fünfzehn" and "fünfzig" are correct.


Above all, it's good to know. Speaking for Austria, it's not very common in spoken language (any more -- used to be much more frequent), unless you are on the telephone, say, and want to make extra certain that no mistakes are made. It's routinely used in radio communications, too, much like the English "niner". Personally I use it for important things like ...


That's dependent of the Region. As you may know in German there are more Dialects than in English. In the southern 'states' (e.g. Bavaria) zwo or zwoa or even zwaa (but zwaa more in Austria) are used pretty often (sometimes people use only zwo or zwoa). In the northern parts of Germany most people use zwei.

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