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Combine that with something that is relevant to your other interests: Interested in IT => Golem.de Golem.de + wanting to participate in discussion in german language => http://forum.golem.de/ I'd suggest you find a site that is relevant to your hobbies, favorite sports, etc. and join its forum.


I am not really sure if there exists a better site for your needs than the German subreddit. Perhaps you can just like German news pages on Facebook that are related to your interests (sports, politics, whatever). As you will know there are plenty of discussions below Facebook posts, although the quality of the discussion as well as the language are not high ...


https://itunes.apple.com/ie/app/one-world-dictionary/id464285660?mt=12 One world dictionary does not cover all your needs, but I find it good enough for me.


I believe www.dict.cc covers all those bases, doesn't it?

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