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Most of the time, irgend- corresponds to no matter who/which/where/how/... or I don't know the details. E. g., irgendjemand, irgendwer -> some/any person (I don't know or don't care who) irgendwo -> at some/any place, no matter where irgendein Auto -> some/any car, no matter which one irgendwelche Insekten -> some/any insects, no matter which kind ...


Irgend is used to reinforce uncertainty similar to some/any. Examples Hat irgendwer meine Tasche gesehen? Has anyone seen my bag? Kannst du es irgendwo sehen? Can you see it anywhere? Sie suchen irgendwas. They're looking for something. Regarding the differences you're interested in: irgendwas and etwas are synonyms. ...


Also means so and it doesn't change the word order, however words such as weil and wenn do. E.g. Also ich mache Karten.

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