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"Also" war früher gebräuchlich, um ein einfaches "so" nachhaltig zu verstärken.(1) Die Bedeutung von "Na also!" kann man sich heutzutage deswegen besser vorstellen, wenn man es sich als "Na (genau) so!" vorstellt. Es handelt sich also (!) um eine Bestätigung zum vorher bereits Behaupteten.


As I understand it, there are two common uses of "allerdings" 1) It can be used in as a pointed confirmatory exclamation similar to the use of "of course" "indeed" or "certainly" in English. According to native German speakers I have conversed with, "allerdings" is employed most frequentely, though not exclusively, to convey a negative sentiment. “Das ...


German has a three-form-system of answers: ja, doch, nein (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yes_and_no#Three-form_systems) According to Duden, doch can be used to counter negative implications in questions. (http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/doch_Adverb#Bedeutung3) I would only accept the first sentence as a common use of "doch". In the third it might ...

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