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Ich bin angefangen is a grammatical variation that does not exist in standard German. It is generally considered wrong, and even those who use it colloquially seem to be fully aware of its non-standard nature, so that they normally ‘correct’ it when writing. There are not enough occurrences of this variation in print for Google’s n-gram viewer to have any ...


Let’s check our trusted friend Duden: GRAMMATIK starkes Verb; Perfektbildung mit »hat« Which makes you 100% correct and the others wrong — as far as Standard German is concerned. Note that there are many regional deviations that are against the “official” rules, from auxiliary verbs to particles. I suggest you stick to the “standard” because you ...


According to Martin Durrell Using German, bin ... angefangen is a North German variation while in standard German one needs to use haben. See page 232 of this book.


Es gibt ihn, aber die Konstruktion wäre eine leicht andere: Der Wagen hat nicht bewegt werden können.

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