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You might form the compound with Scheiß-, hence Scheißdieb (which, beware, means shitty). Or adjectivation, as alredy pointed out, with verdammt.


Riesen- often works, but not always. You can't say Riesen-Dieb, but Riesen-Arschloch (=big ashole), Riesen-Depp (=big idiot) or Riesen-Sache (=big deal) are common. Verdammter Dieb, verdammtes Arschloch and verdammter Depp would work, too. But it's uncommon to say eine verdammte Sache. You would say instead eine verdammt große Sache or eine verdammt ...


The best answer depends a bit on the use case. If you’re learning German and need a way to express intensity in a (mildly) foul way, I’d suggest to adopt the prefix Scheiß- lit. ‘shit, shitty’ – which may also mean ‘bad’ – for where you‘d say bloody in British or fucking in American English. (I don’t know what Canadians, Australians, Indians etc. would ...


The person wants to know in what activities you were involved in a place you were talking about. For example: "What did you do while on vacation?" You could reply with examples: "Ich habe zum Beispiel ein Konzert besucht." Despite asking for "alles" / everything you did, you are not supposed to give an account of every last thing usually in a smalltalk ...

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