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Since the literal translation is not common in German you should search for other idioms that would fit better depending on context, like one of these: "Ihr stockte der Atem" (surprised/shocked) "Ihr blieb der Atem weg" (surprised/awed) "Ihr schlug das Herz bis zum Hals" (nervous/scared) "Ihr fiel das Herz in die Hose" ...


In the context of fright or fear common German idiomatic expressions are: Ihr stockte vor Schreck das Herz. Ihr blieb vor Schreck (fast) das Herz stehen.


I'd favor Ben trat ins Zimmer und ihr Herzschlag setzte für einen Moment aus. Für einen Moment would emphasize the temporary nature of her surprise – in fact she might have been shocked that much that her heart would not start to beat again. However, the difference to Michael's answer is very subtle and most readers / listeners would understand it in ...

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