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Wir freuen uns auf Euren Besuch ohne Geschenke.


@lejonet, taking the conversation out of the first answer’s comment section … You were asking for my ideas on this, but I’m afraid you got me wrong there. I was just trying to clarify the context of Wir bitten von Geschenken abzusehen. (Which is common, but puts some distance between you and your guests.) Just a side note anyway, really, since you asked for ...


In German it’s perfectly normal and not unfriendly to be direct, so why not keep it simple? Bitte keine Geschenke! I think the only way to really make this request more friendly would be by stating the reason for it.


I’ve read Geschenke sind nicht notwendig a few times now. It has the downside that some people just can’t help it and bring one anyway.


Von etwas abzusehen kenne ich nur von Beerdigungen, à la von Trauerbekundungen am Grab bitten wir abzusehen. I’d just say Bitte keine Geschenke. You could add something like Eure Anwesenheit ist Geschenk genug. Sometimes people may also ask to donate to charity instead of bringing gifts, and then point people to a certain organization ...

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