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You can also say: Verzeihung Pardon Sorry And you can put an “Oh, …” at the beginning of your excuse.


Entschuldigung (noun, capital E!) is used for I’m sorry and excuse me, but you cannot literally translate being sorry for someone’s loss and use Entschuldigung here. It makes no sense in German. Instead, you’d use Herzliches Beileid (official, a bit formal) or Das tut mir leid für dich (informal, not if someone passes away, but ok when someone ...


Your hunch is right, in that Entschuldigung is restricted to cases where you attempt to excuse your own misdoing. It derives from Schuld, fault with the prefix ent- which signifies the loss of something, so it originally meant take away my fault. But when you are sorry for somebody, you cannot ask for your fault to be taken away because you have no fault. ...


Beide Wendungen unterscheiden sich nur in Nuancen. Zur Rechenschaft ziehen bedeutet zunächst, dass jemand Rechenschaft über sein Handeln ablegen soll, also dazu Rede und Antwort stehen und sich rechtfertigen. Es schwingt die Erwartung mit, dass dabei ein Fehlverhalten festgestellt und sanktioniert wird, aber es ist nicht völlig ausgeschlossen, dass die ...


related: When to use 'Entschuldigen Sie' You would use "Entschuldigen Sie (bitte), .." if you want something or just "Entschuldigung?" if it is clear what you want .. for example, if people block your way in the supermarket and you want to pass. "Entschuldigung, dürfte ich kurz vorbei." would be the nicest. You can add that if the person is not ...


Short answer: No. You use Entschuldigung in situations like, you broke something and excuse for it. Unfortunately I can’t remenber any word/phrase fitting your situation (even though I natively speak German …)


I use them interchangeably, my friends use them interchangeably and it would feel like getting a present if someone could point to a slight difference in meaning (except something juristic, that's too technical for me) :)

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