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Sorry to interrupt, but the English expression is not now a days, but nowadays, which directly translates to "heutzutage" or "heute" or "in der heutigen Zeit". Keep going. As obviously this is requested in the comments, I'm going to pick up your example, which should be corrected to: Nowadays smartphones are very common And could be translated as ...


I think it's heutzutage – alternatives could be just heute, gegenwärtig or zurzeit.


Heutzutage is directly equivalent. Heutzutage verwendet man Smartphones. Another alternative: Heute verwendet man Smartphones. This is not 100% the same when used without a context like früher. There is another closely linked possibility: Zurzeit verwendet man Smartphones. This would change the meaning though, since it implies that the ...


In your application, the translations Teilen/Trennen, teilen/trennen, verbinden, fertig. will feel very natural to most German users. Note that most users of spreadsheet software and word processors will be accustomed to the wording teilen, verbinden wrt to manipulating the structure of tables.


I'm in IT myself, and it would carry over well for me. Your web designers should understand "split" and "merge"; I'm not sure if your graphics designers will, but you know your audience better than I do. The proposed alternatives "Splitten", "splitte", "teile" etc. sound really awkward to me, because I'm used to the English technical terms for that kind of ...


Just to give my two cents. Me, as a German, I would translate it as Teile, teile, füge zusammen, fertig!" I guess that German people who have no idea about the English language will understand that better.


In your English phrase split and merge could be several things grammatically, which may be distinguishable from the context: If somebody is using your software right now and you are instructing them: The imperative of the verbs split and merge. If you are demonstrating how to use your software (by performing the actions yourself): A “regular” form or the ...

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