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Glutqualm is a composite of Glut (ember, or something that glows) and Qualm (thick smoke, maybe smoulder). Without context, there would be (at least) three possible ways of reading this composite: Smoke that comes from ember Smoke that is as hot as ember a mixture of smoke and small, flying pieces of ember I doubt that the first interpretation would fit ...


Burned smoke means the pleasure of a cigarette (a hurtful thing that has pleasure one fines dear) it's about a wonderful conversation.


Lets divide the word into its two parts: "Glut" and "Qualm". "Glut" can be translated to "glow" which describes wood, coal, etc. which is just glowing, not burning. Like when you have a BQQ :) "Qualm" is basically just thick smoke. In German you have two words which describe smoke, "Rauch" and "Qualm". "Rauch" is usually used when you refer to kinda ...


Literally, "Qualm" means "(heavy) smoke" and "Glut" means "embers". The combination of the two is not a German word as such, but Heym poetically created the new word "Glutqualm". To what it really means, you'd probably have to ask Heym himself, if that were possible :) As Matthias stated, the word apparently had been around during Heym's time. I would ...


Glut means embers, so it is the smoke of embers. This would also fit with the burning without flame thing your teacher mentioned, since embers don't have flames.

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