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Both are possible. With aus, you have the building in mind; with von, the institution (or in other cases, a person). Consequently, you couldn’t say aus dem Wochenmarkt nor aus dem Bäcker (not a building; but aus der Bäckerei is possible).


Yes, it can, but it changes the meaning: Recht an means that you own or possess something and are exercising this right. Examples: Der Erfinder besitzt ein Recht an seiner Erfindung. Ein Recht an einer Liegenschaft darf im Grundbuch nur eingetragen werden, wenn ...


It depends on what you want to express. If you have a theft insurance (legal protection) and want to mention that, you can say: Unser neuer Wagen ist gegen Diebstahl versichert. However, if you want to talk about security equipment (physical protection, like a special alarm system), you can say: Unser neuer Wagen ist vor/gegen Diebstahl geschützt. ...


Unter can go with either dative or accusative, and you came across two examples of usage with accusative.


Unter is one the two-way prepositions. It means it either takes the dative, or the accusative: E.g. Die Katze schläft unter dem Tisch(e) The cat sleeps under the table. There's no movement involved, so it's in the dative case. E.g. Die Katze und die Maus rennen unter den Tisch. The cat and the mouse run under the table. In this ...


Let’s approach it. Remember that directional prepositions can usually take either dative or accusative, depending on whether there is movement or not. In this case, the verb fallen is one that indicates movement strongly. So whenever you fall over, across or below something, it is usually taken as a movement and the case of the location is accusative. ...


in der Uni - would mean inside (location). aus die Uni - is incorrect. bei der Uni - doesn't sound natural. I work at the University. (Correct) Ich arbeite an der Uni. You would use bei if you are talking about a company. Ich arbeite bei einer Firma.


“Ich arbeite in der Uni.” You work inside the university building. You could be a student, a chef, a professor, or even a painter … “Ich arbeite aus die der Uni.” This one does not make sense. “Ich arbeite bei der Uni.” You are an employee of the university.

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