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Yes, they would. iShelf is pronounced [aɪʃɛlf] and iSelf is pronounced [aɪsɛlf]. The differing sounds [ʃ] and [s] are both part of the German phoneme repertoire and distinguishing them is essential to understand the German language. For example, the German words Busch ([bʊʃ]) and Bus ([bʊs]) or Sex ([sɛks]) and Schecks ([ʃɛks]) only differ by that sound. ...


Pronouncing "chs" as "ks" is just a simplification that has been made official over the original /çs/ and /xs/ pronounciation, akin to pronouncing -ig as /iç/ instead of /ik/ for the Auslautverhärtung ( or /ik~g/ as fortis and lenis ( The ...


The thing about the perception of accents is that it is extremely opinion based. Some people love French accents, some people hate them, much the same way as some dialects are loved by some and hated by others. It is safe to say that everybody will have a personal opinion on how British (or American or Australian/others, although these last ones are ...


Absolutely. [s] and [ʃ] represent different phonemes in German (just as in English), so speakers of German will distinguish them.

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