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I think that passage from your textbook is neither very clear nor very complete. In German the letter r is usually pronounced with a guttural sound when it is at the beginning of a word: Raum immediately after a consonant: frisch at the beginning of a syllable: abräumen In all other cases, the r is pronounced more like ah or a schwa: warten, Finger, nur, ...


The classical book concerning this topic is Der kleine Hey, which is also used by professional singers. As I just learned, there is also an edition with an enclosed DVD (ISBN 9783795707026), which gives an impression, how the mouth should look like etc.


Googling gives for instance: the site deutscheaussprache offers precisely those examples, very limited in number though. This site gives you some lists of minimal pairs. Get a German-[your-language] tandem partnership and tell him/her to read those for you.


This is only marginally an answer to your question, but if you are spelling out words and want to make sure not to be misunderstood, you can follow the e with an Emil and the i with Isidor or Ida from the spelling alphabet. Even if you pronounce it as i-ish as possible, nobody would assume Imil or Eda, because they’re just so used to the usual table. The ...


There is this IPA-based German pronunciation site called Sounds of Speech from the University of Iowa. It's a Flash-based web application with animated diagrams (Android and iPhone apps also available). They have this for American English and Spanish, too. http://soundsofspeech.uiowa.edu (Silly, though, that the infos are completely in German-language, so ...


This is going to be a not-so-good answer, because I’m not going to be able to point you to any resources. Why? Because it is hard to attempt to learn sounds from pictures and descriptions. The best advice I can give you is just to listen to German. You do not need to understand what is said, you need to give your brain some background noise in the language ...

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