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Basic thoughts The basic situation has already been clarified by the previous answers. I would like to add that the first word order that comes to mind is: Ich gebe Herrn Müller das Buch. This can emphasise, the object, but usually not strongly. There are certainly other permissible word orders. The first one would be: Ich gebe das Buch Herrn ...


It’s not necessary to write zu because the verb geben is already a dative verb: Ich gebe Herrn Müller das Buch. If you prefer to use pronouns: Ich gebe es [the book] ihm [Mr. Müller]. If you want to write his name in the sentence, then it is: Ich gebe es Herrn Müller.


In your example, the dative should be placed at the end of the title, "Herr." The proper construction then is "Ich gebe es Herrn Müller." The "en" comes after the "Herr" and is contracted to "n." There is also an omitted "dem." That is, it is omitted from "Ich gebe es [dem] Herrn Muller. You don't need the additional preposition "zu" for "to," because ...

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