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I'm pretty positive that you don't translate street names, no matter what language they're in. But if you wanted to anyways, (for the sake of practicing cardinal directions, etc) it would be Südliche G Straße. (Assuming that by saying "Gee", you meant the letter 'G')


I agree with the other posters, do not translate street names. Also, compass directions in street names are probably much more frequent in the US, where streets are arranged in a grid with some kind of center, and house numbers are counted from the center, so "1 south gee street" would be next to "1 north gee street". German cities generally don't have this ...


In Germany, we don't combine street names with directions like north, south, east and west. Therefore South Gee Street is not so easy to translate. If Gee is the name of a Person and the street was named after that person, you may write "südliche Gee-Straße".


First of all, something regarding the adaption of place names in general: We only use adapted names for places that have been of historical importance to Germany – at least I do not know of any place name that has been adapted into German recently. In particular I do not know of any street whose name has been adapted. This rule does however not necessarily ...


Street Names are unambiguous, they are not to be translated. If you ask because you want to ship a package or a letter by post, you need to know this. Otherwise your shipment can not be delivered.

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