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Die C'T hat einen wöchentlichen Podcast, den C'T-Uplink. Seit Anfang des Jahres stellen 4 Redakteure aus dem Heise-Verlag in wechselnder Besetzung ausgesuchte aktuelle Themen vor und besprechen diese. Heise.de ist in etwa vergleichbar mit Slashdot.


A good online translator for single words is this one. If you just want a 1:1 translation, it may be good enough, however even this does not excuse you completely from thinking ;-) And even the best translator has no feeling for a language. For instance, "accel" is surely derived from "acceleration", what is "Beschleunigung" in German, in this context. ...


A dictionary like Pons will give you a list of possible prepositions and cases that can be used together with a particular verb, and the meaning as well, if you look up the English translation. Pons also provide a PDF document for download with some common verb - preposition combinations and examples of their usage. It should be pretty comprehensive, but I ...


There is not such a concept as the phrasal verbs in German. Closest to this may be the concept of a Partikelverb, known as a composition of a verb with other compounds such as a preposition, a noun, another verb, or an adjective. More commonly used is the classification into "separable" and "non-separable" verbal compositions. For separable verbs canoo.net ...


There's also Teezeit, a podcast about everything from TV shows to Computers. edit: @LiveWireBT's answer reminded me of Chaosradio and Chaosradio Express a.k.a. CRE, which I highly recommend.


I agree with Carsten Schultz about Küchenradio. While Freak Show by Metaebene looks like a tech podcast with up to 5 people discussing news at first, it's not a typical interview podcast and it's also not just a collection of news bits. They tend to digress a lot resulting in long episodes. If tech and length don't turn you off, you might want to give this ...


Das Küchenradio, insbesondere ältere Ausgaben, könnte dem entsprechen, selbst wenn es von Journalisten gemacht wird.


Online? Sign in to a German chat. Ask the people in the public room/channel (in English) if someone is interested and patient to talk to you/to teach you. Go into a private room/channel and start talking/learning with him/her. Don't give up if it doesn't work well at the first few tries. Chats are like normal fairy tales: there are princes and princesses ...

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