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Disclaimer: I am the developer of the website. A few days ago we added this functionality for the http://dreiartikel.de/dictionary About 48K German definitions and about 51,5K English definitions. In both cases we are talking about words and short expressions. The examples are coming from the European Commission's DGT Translation Memory project. The ...


German-English Collins Pro Dictionary just run a quick Search. They do have a special Mac Version and last time I checked it was offered as a download.


I can recommend Rosetta Stone. Even though it is not free, it does provide a fairly detailled pronounciation training with detailled graphs, practice sessions, etc. Though I am using it for Japanese, my wife has been using it to learn German with decent success. A free apporach with more community involved, would be memrise. There is a detailed course ...


Du könntest dir das deutsche Wörterbuch von Hunspell herunterladen. Es ist in der Wörterbuch-Extension für OpenOffice enthalten: http://extensions.openoffice.org/en/project/german-de-de-frami-dictionaries Das Paket ist eine Zip-Datei, die du entpacken und öffnen kannst, wenn du die Erweiterung von .oxt in .zip änderst. Darin enthalten ist im Ordner ...

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