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It is understood and used in Austria in the metaphoric sence. I would not have suspected that it is a Northern German word and I did not know the origin.


"Kaleun" is a real abbreviation, I'm not sure if this makes it a real word ;) And yes, it means "Kapitänleutnant".


Understood in Bavaria as well - including the nautic origin... as far as I'm aware, even this far from the coast it is primarily used with smaller boats when they move slowly or not at all. Pretty common as a metaphor, which always conjures up the mental image of small craft.


In Switzerland it's also understood.


If I remember correctly, it is LI (Leitender Ingenieur)


Quote: Also, the Kaleun said at about 3:07:30 1031 03:07:29,786 --> 03:07:33,582 Gut, Maat. I used your give timestamps on three different subtitles files all in all, and the answer i found is Maat. Nothing to be found about Eli or LI so far. Source: Boot, Das (1981) - Deutsche Untertitel Maat, der; -[e]s, -e[n] [aus dem Niederdeutschen > ...

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