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The first part is an own sentence which is grammatically wrong and hard to understand because the subject and verb is missing, correct it has to be: Kaum war ich zu Hause angekommen, war der Himmel blau and das Wetter herrlich. But: Und kaum zu Hause angekommen, war der Himmel blau and das Wetter herrlich. This is a special construct which is ...


Yes, the sentence without sich would still be grammatical.


Das ist lediglich schlechte Zeichensetzung in der Übersetzung. "Oh!" she gasped, as her husband came in the room. "Darling, I just had the most terrible dream! It was like an explosion and—" "Again?" Burckhardt asked, not very sympathetically. "Mary, something's funny! I knew there was something wrong all day yesterday and—" ...


Without giving away too much of the plot of the story (I hope), this stylistic means has probably been chosen for two reasons: You don't need to bee too detailed. Leave off what doesn't serve the main purpose (!) Create some sort of hectic atmosphere where the characters are driven forward through the story and also create some lurking feel of "not right". ...


I don't know if Frederik Pohls sentences are meant to be incomplete direct speech, but if so, you write it either with a final ellipsis (Auslassungspunkte): »Ich ging in den Keller und ...« Or with a final dash (Gedankenstrich): »Ich ging in den Keller und –«


The construction is called uneingeleiteter Nebensatz or unintroduced subordinate clause.[1] They can represent both consessive and — you guessed it — conditional clauses. Without having access to statistics, I believe the unintroduced conditional clause to be more common in modern German. The conditional clause must precede the main clause and its finite ...


Correct translation would be: If a group is dead, it is also trapped and gives points to the opponent in the end, even without having to play the situation until the final capture.


The sowohl … als auch (i.e. not only … but also) construct may be used to connect two parts of a sentence similar to und. When using this we have to take care that the logic behind each part remains intact. For the eample in question we could use the long form: Um dieses Ziel zu erreichen, habe ich sowohl Methoden für die Verbesserung der mathematischen ...


Considering your comment that the intended meaning is I improved the mathematics models and the numeric efficiency I would say Um dieses Ziel zu erreichen habe ich Methoden sowohl zur Verbesserung der mathematischen Modelle als auch der numerischen Effizienz der Löser eingebracht und umgesetzt. You have Mehoden zur Verbesserung eingebracht. ...

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