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Your reading is correct, lieben is an infinitive, or, to be more exact: a "free infinitive" which doesn't use zu. Nevertheless, zu lieben would also be correct in this context, i.e. "Die Minnigliche [Kriemhild] zu lieben[,] brachte keine Scham". One could also imagine a permutation, something like "Es brachte keine Scham, die minnigliche Kriemhild zu ...


I was sure that I had seen a question like this before somewhere but I can’t find it anymore, so here goes. Mit ihren Freunden is a Dativergänzung. However, both of your versions are correct. And forget about enforcing TKML. Why? Because German is extremely free and flexible in its word order. The only fixed bits in sentences are the Verbklammer — that is, ...

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