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Ich hatte eine Kollegin aus Pommern (nicht Mecklenburg, das war ihr ganz wichtig!). Grundsätzlich hätte ich ihren Dialekt als Mischung aus berlinerisch und dem typischen Norddeutsch beschrieben. Ich bin dann ihre Kernsätze nach Schibboleths durchgegangen. Eingefallen ist mir: Sie hat er sehr stark als ä ausgesprochen, soweit, dass sie auf dem Doktorhut ...


Berliner sprechen das 'i' gerne wie 'ü' (siehe fzwos Antwort), das 'ä' wie 'e(h)' und 'qu' wie 'kw'. Also: Kürche statt Kirche, Bestehtigung statt Bestätigung und bekwem statt bequem. Im schnellen Redefluss ist das praktisch (praktüsch) nicht zu verhindern.


Three questions, three answers: Are translations for Germany different to those for Switzerland and Austria? Yes. German is a pluricentric language, like English and many other languages, too. Think about a english-learner, who asks: How does »Farbe« translate — »color« or »colour«? All resources list both »color«, and »colour« as valid but ...


Without knowing the type of document you want to write, it is difficult to decide. For technical papers frequently something like Motivation (same meaning as in English) appears at the beginning, to describe starting point and to problems to be addressed in the paper.


Einleitung would be the most common, I think. Einführung (which can also mean insertion, depending on context) is not wrong, but usually refers to something broader, like an introductory course or similar. Your last two examples (i.e. Bekanntschaft and Vorstellung) refer to persons being introduced or getting to know one another.


It's hard to see how it could be geil if your friend didn't know how to spell it. I'm going to suggest the word could have been umgeheuer and he just said it fast. And that's a word someone might not know how to spell.


It could also have been "genial" which used to be the proper attribute of people like Einstein or Mozart and their works: Die genialen Erkenntnisse Albert Einsteins führten die Physik in ein neues Zeitalter. ...but has somehow deteriorated, as nowadays it is likely to describe any experience from exceptional to significantly above average: Deine ...


I would imagine that the word mentioned by your friend is “geil”. In proper German it means “sexually aroused”, but in modern youth-speak it has become a vague term of approbation.


It means to surgically remove a melanoma (skin cancer consisting of melanocytes). This can be part of a bigger operation which also includes the removal of the sentinel node, but it can also be performed as the only step. Exstirpation in this context is equivalent to Exzision, but it sounds more 'complete' or 'radical' to a doctor's ear, as Exstirpation ...

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