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Regarding your first question on correct orthography, that’s a part of German Rechtschreibung that’s been muddled a lot during the 1996 through 2006 spelling reforms. A lot of people will tell you that it should be one word, blaumachen, because it’s (usually) not about making (i.e. coloring) something blue. Multi-part phrases which have gained a new, ...


Yes, blaumachen is indeed widely used to describe skipping work/school. Here in Austria it is understood, but less commonly used. There is also the verb schwänzen, which is synonymous to blaumachen in most situations but is more common when referring to unexcused absence from school, less common for staying absent from work.


I would use "genau" when the other person gets a point I tried to make and "stimmt" when I agree to a statement I haven't thought about previously. "Er konnte es nicht tun, weil er ihn ja eigentlich liebt." - "Weil er Lukes Vater ist." - "Genau!" vs. "Man sollte alles einmal probieren. Du weißt ja schließlich nicht, wieviel Zeit du hast." - ...

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