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The answer really depends on how the button actually works. There are many possibilities: The button skips a defined number of steps: in that case I'd label it Überspringen. The button jumps to a step that the user can choose: I'd label it Gehe zu. The button jumps to a fixed step: I'd label it Weiter or something similar. If the above do not fit your ...


Try to download the offline dictionary (which can be downloaded from the play store here). It will not cover everything, but at least it will be better than pons, after it can be used offline.


When Microsoft localizes applications then they start always with the German localization. This is done because they get the longest messages and can treat the geometry of dialogs and message boxes sufficient when they done with German So don't expect to shorten the text but enlarge the geometry when you plan to localize.


You can shorten it like this: Ordner hinzu Datei hinzu or even shorter Ordner neu Datei neu hth


Ordner zufügen und Datei zufügen ist kürzer. Noch kürzer wäre Neuer Ordner/neue Datei, aber ob das semantisch passt musst Du wissen.


When you translate (almost) any English text into German, you will find, that the German text is significant longer than the English text. There is nothing wrong with »Ordner hinzufügen« and »Datei hinzufügen«. This is absolute correct German and it is not too long. Here are translations of some words you often find in menus: folder = der Ordner ...

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