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Schonmal and schon mal still have the same meaning. I use both of them.


The correct spelling would be "einloggen", which relates to the spelling of its English counterpart "to log in". As the word German word "einloggen" derived from the English word "to log in", both words are spelled with a 'g'. Linguistically it has nothing to do with the word "locking". That the Germans call the process of locking an answer in a quiz show ...


This usually does not refer to the process of "locking" the board, but the process of selecting the answer. In the case of "Wer wird Millionär" - as only one answer may be given in the first place - logging in the answer and locking the input after that is the same thing. There are, however, other shows where the candidates can make up their minds and ...


Laut Duden Online ist die Herkunft lat. tragicomedia. Insofern ist es also wirklich "Tragikomödie" und Tragik'Komödie wäre mithin als Aussprache falsch. Klingt auch sehr holprig.

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