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Beispiele: Hau das Ding rein! Spiel! Schneller! Lang! Leo! (= Laß den Ball durch!) Abschluß! Nimm ihn!


Objekte Platz: Feld, Rasen, Acker, Grün Ball: Pille, Nille, Kugel, Leder, das Runde Tor: Kasten, Kiste, das Eckige Querbalken: Latte Längsbalken: Pfosten Netz: __ Trikot: Hemd Hose: __ Stutzen: __ Schienbeinschoner: __ Schuhe: __ Stollen: __ Handschuhe: __ Kapitänsbinde: __ Pfeife: __ Ereignisse, Spielzüge Strafstoß: Elfmeter, Elfer /elva/ Freistoß: ...


Also, the German Netflix offers many German comedians like Dieter Nuhr, Kaya Yanar, Hape Kerkeling and so on, where you can enable German subtitles. Take a look at the genre German Comedies for example.


Best place to start would be probaly the pages of ARD and ZDF as well as 3sat which also brings some Austrian and Swiss stuff. But most titles are only accessible from within Germany (Geo blocking, copyright laws) and also most of this kind of stuff isn’t subtitled.

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