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It would be grammatical to say Es wird auch erzählt, dass einmal, als Rotkäppchen der alten Großmutter wieder Gebackenes gebracht habe, ein anderer Wolf es angesprochen und vom Wege habe ableiten wollen. It would not be archaic or in any way weird, it would just convey a different meaning. When using the indicative, one states that there is no ...


If I wanted to say we would have taken a bus, but it was too crowded, would I use German subjunctive? No. You'd say Wir hätten den Bus genommen, aber er war zu voll. Wir wollten den Bus nehmen, aber er war zu voll. Also, what tense do you use for a statement, such as I will never watch that movie again? Futur I would be the grammatically ...

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