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Rarely used expressions are also "Fleischpeitsche" (meat whip), "Kronjuwelen" (crownjewels) or "Schniepi".


Two words that haven’t been mentioned yet but I like pretty much: Zipfel Schwengel However, I feel that they may even be less offensive than Schwanz which would admittedly be a better choice here from what I hear.


One could add the following: Der Schniedel … tallywacker Der Pullermann/Pillermann … pee-pee which are usually used for the penis when talking to (and about) kids. You may also use: Der Piepmatz … which normally refers to a bird (I don't recall having heard of it, but it appears as a synonym of penis here where you may find other synonyms!) Der Schaft ...


If you want to refer to a penis in a casual, but not necessarily overtly sexual way, in German language, you might use the word der Penis. This is a latin word and means "tail" in English or "Schwanz" in German. It was used by ancient romans as a dirty word and was started to be used as "official" word in medicine in 19th century, and from its medical ...


Firstly, any word for the male (or female, for that matter) genitals will entail a degree of vulgarity because sex is considered a taboo topic in most cultures, even if it is much less so in some than others. This leads to the use of euphemisms such as e.g. sex organ(s)/Geschlechtsteil, member, manhood, etc.: Generally, the more direct the reference, the ...

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