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In the forms that I did write, I very often used »ok« for the submit-button. You can use »absenden« or »abschicken« too, but I never have seen any form that used the word »vorlegen«. My tip #1: Write onto the button what it does: »Buch suchen« if it starts a search for a book »Adresse ändern« if the address will be changed »Antrag einreichen« if ...


Since it's HTML "Formular absenden" is the best translation. "Abschicken" is for letters.


It depends on what that form is doing for the user, but in any case "Absenden" or "Abschicken" (identical meaning) would fit very well. If its something like an application or a legal request, it might be better to use something like "Antrag einreichen". A great website for word combinations like that is linguee.de, as you can see here. "Vorlegen" on its ...


In the German standard DIN EN 61508-7 Funktionale Sicherheit sicherheitsbezogener elektrischer/elektronischer/programmierbarer elektronischer Systeme – Teil 7: Überblick über Verfahren und Maßnahmen (German version of IEC 61508-7 and EN 61508-7 Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems – Part 7: Overview of ...


I suggest:  allmählicher Funktionsabbau

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