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"MITTLE" should be "MITTEL" (in the meaning of chemical substance), and Kühlmittel is the cooling liquid in the engine. You are right about NIEDR being short for niedrig = low, and you already guessed the consequence: Stop the engine because there is not enough cooling liquid left.


When you write a German text, then the rules of the German language are valid. Rules from other languages are irrelevant (except for verbatim quotations that are marked as such). This is true for all types of text, also for specialized language (i.e. technical documentation of a computer program). Of course you can use special terms that come from other ...


The official German spelling rules mention specialised languages (Fachsprache) at some points. Some of them make exceptions for specialised langugaes, namely regarding the capitalisation of fixed terms from specialised languages (Goldener Schnitt, Schwarze Witwe) and the punctuation of abbrevations (RflEttÜAÜG). But there is no general licence for ...


For the final point I propose one of: Schleife zyklische Liste zirkuläre Liste The process of cycling itself is more complicated. The nearest matches seem to be: durchwechseln durchklicken (depending on the view point, menu or user respectively).


This is what I've seen (as a native speaker) in many other games. Mesh quality - Detailstufe or Objektdetails. Not an exact translation but common in video games/CG). There is also no suitable translation for mesh in this case. (Ambient) occlusion - (Umgebungs)verdeckung Cycle item - Iterieren/Iteration. Maybe you can offer more information of the ...


Waiting for handshake => Auf Antwort (des Servers) warten Occlusion => Verdeckung (klingt vielleicht ungewohnt, da aber Occlusion genau das ist, kann man es meiner Meinung nach verwenden) Clipping würde ich als Fachbegriff lassen, es sei denn, Du willst eine Assoziation mit Genitalverstümmelung herstellen, und mit den restlichen Begriffen kann ich nichts ...

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