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This one is good. Some words have several speakers with a map showing the region they are in. It even has Swiss German speakers and words for which few resources exist. This has helped me quite a bit since I live in Switzerland. Forvo


A very good tool is provided by http://www.aussprache.at In the Window "Suche" you can search for a word (example: search for »Chemie«). The findings are shown in the window above (for »Chemie« you find »Alchemie«, »Biochemie«, »Chemie« and »Chemielaborant«). Click on one of those findings. Left of this window you find the pronunciation written in ...


dict.cc provides the pronunciation. You just have to click the audio some users have uploaded. It's not always available, since it's sometimes the computer who speaks (but as I hear, that's the case in the dictionary you linked).

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