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Erwidern is quite formal (it is hardly ever used in spoken language outside of legal or political discussions, more commonly encountered in written form). It means to reply to a question or a statement. An alternative that shares the same basic meaning would be entgegnen, which I would also consider rather formal. Antworten is certainly the most common way ...


To specifically address the title of your question: einräumen: Putting something into something. aufräumen: Arrange things to reduce chaos. verräumen: This can be used like einräumen. I would say it is a bit more archaic; I heard this often at the Bundesmarine, whose soldiers often use a special slang. Also heard often there was verbringen (which also has ...


Depends on what you want to say. If you want to stress the fact that you have to walk to school, you can use something like "sich die Füße wundlaufen" or "sich die Hacken ablaufen". "Sich irgendwo hin schleppen" means that you have a hard time walking (because you're wounded or exhausted, for example). If you want to point out that being in school is ...


In addition to the other answers: wegräumen (duden article) In my experience Ich habe die Spielsachen weggeräumt. would be the most appropriate way to express that you just put some toys back to their places. While aufräumen can certainly be used in this sense, it can also be used to put an area/room/container back to an uncluttered state. ...


In addition to the other answers, I would like to point out that etwas einräumen can also have an entirely different meaning: Der Offizier hat Fehler eingeräumt. This would translate to The officer has admitted errors. No objects are being moved around here.


In my opinion, it is not inherently wrong to use "sagen" as in your examples, however, it sounds a bit strange to me since "sagen" is commonly used in conjunction with real persons: Der Autor des Artikels sagt, dass Der Spiegel-Autor Max Mustermann sagt, dass Nvertheless, you can sometimes see "Die Bild sagt" in headlines, but usually not in texts of ...


Yes, you can also use aufräumen in this context. In this case verräumen means removing something to create space, so it is very close to aufräumen. I live in Germany and I have never seen ver räumen, so I tried to look it up and couldn't find it. You should consider using aufräumen instead.

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