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Boden is ground, land, or floor. As 0x6d64 mentioned, when put into a compound word it can mean the bottom of [whatever the first word or words are]. Erde is more specifically earth. This can refer to the ground outside, soil, or the planet (when you say the Earth, die Erde). (Tangentially, Erdboden is very specifically the ground outside, made of dirt, ...


They accurately enough correspond to the following English verbs: sprechen, to speak sagen, to say. reden, to talk. Example: Das Baby kann schon sprechen. Gestern sagte es Mama, redet aber noch nicht. Here sprechen is the human skill, to produce words. Roughly, sagen refers to the process of speaking determined number of times, a "discretization ...


I think the general rule is that Boden is used scientifically and mathematically in a sense of a system, the "overall thing". Erde is used scientifically and chemically as a part of that system but also religiously and philosophically. If you want to be very specific, I guess one option is to check out what meanings Duden has to offer for: Boden 1) ...


"Boden" would be translated to "ground" or the bottom part of something. "Erde" is, apart from "the Earth" (our planet), a other word for "Humus".


FIFA-Spitze could be translated as FIFA leadership.

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