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If your problem is only to remember which is which, then it might help to know the origin of or related words to at least one of them. It is probably not a coincidence that none of the four words that you mention have cognates in English that I am aware of. But as you are Italian, it should help to know that “Schüssel” is probably derived from Latin and I ...


Collect such examples under the heading "Similar words (I tend to mix up)". Note down the two words and try to get some good sentences from dictionaries. If you read this collection now and again it should help. If you find out that this is not enough you write down the difficult pair a second time, with new examples. I have made the experience that learning ...


Möglicherweise handelt es sich um eine künstlerisch verknappte Version von Smegma. Mich wundert übrigens, dass der Text nur auf wenigen russischsprachigen Webseiten zu finden ist. Ist dort die Schreibung richtig?

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