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The phrase literally means ownership instead of rent. It’s hard to tell without further context, but you may have seen an offer for buying a home, combined with a loan. In that case, you would pay a certain amount regularly for the next ten or fifteen or twenty years until you have paid back the loan and the home is yours.


A Kindle turns every book into a book where lookup of vocabulary is easy. You just have to put your finger on the word you want to look up and then you get the definition of the word that's in the dictionary.


Here's a list with interlinear translated word for word aligned books in German (third one already mentioned in one of the answers above): Brothers Grimm - German Fairy Tales (with audio) Kafka, Storm and others - German Short Stories (with audio) Herman Hesse - Demian, on Herman Hesse - Kinderseele, on Franz Kafka - Die Verwandlung, ...


Regarding academic degrees from different, non-aligned education systems, an explanation or description is usually better than a translation. Honours (or honors) in particular should never be translated as Ehren- or even ehrenhalber (e.h., eh.), because that’s an honorary degree (Latin: honoris causa, h.c., hc.) which is always awarded without a thesis, ...

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