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There are two meanings of the word Persönlichkeit — and as logic would have it, one can be had while the other only can be been. If you are talking about the personality of somebody, whether they are open-minded, shy, talkative or quick to jump to conclusions, those are traits that require haben. Du hast eine Persönlichkeit, ich hab eine Persönlichkeit, ...


While I agree with Thomas’ translation for eine Persönlichkeit haben … Persönlichkeit sein could mean to be a celebrity or to have some special individual characteristics.


(I am not a linguist, so this might be wrong or inaccurate) As far as I know, both "eine Persönlichkeit haben" and "eine Persönlichkeit sein" are correct, but have slightly different meanings. "eine ... Persönlichkeit sein" can be loosely translated to "being a ... person", whilst "eine ... Persönlichkeit haben" means "to have a ... personality". I hope ...

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