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I am a freelance software designer and developer with approximately 20 years of commercial IT experience. The main focus of my work recently has been Java development. I have an especial interest in automated software testing techniques.

My qualifications include

  • a BSc.Hons in mathematics from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand;
  • an Introductory Certificate in the Teaching of Adults, from Wellington Polytechnic (which no longer exists).

I have lived my entire life in New Zealand. I currently live in Lower Hutt, near Wellington.

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comment Origin, usage and meaning of “Wischiwaschi”
It's worth noting that the English etymology is completely different. According to the 1973 edition of the OED, "wishy washy" is a variation of a reduplication of "wash", meaning "kitchen swill or brewery refuse as food for swine". This would seem not to be related to the German etymology of "Wischiwaschi".