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comment How do I reply to an email using salutation if a gender is unknown?
I missed on the surname part, I want to refer using the second name i.e. Sie being the formal form, so I prefer to use Sehr geehrter Herr Nurstein, if the name is David Nurstein or Sehr geehrter Frau Nurstein, for Mary Nurstein. referring the first name I can use the formal salutation but the confusion arises when the first name is't obvious to reply in the formal salutation using the second name.
comment What is the correct answer to “alles klar”?
In the accepted answer "Danke, und selbst?" is mentioned. If I'm right I have also heard people using "Ja, und selber" is that right too or is that same. @Takkat please do edit.
comment What is the correct answer to “alles klar”?
@Takkat, Em1 and Hendrik Vogt Thank you so much :) I'll follow the rules :) Dankeschon