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I am working for a company which is doing infrastructure operations and IT consulting jobs in Germany, Europe.

My sphere of activities includes virtualization topics, IP networking, storage, server operations, monitoring, backups and network security. I was awarded the Microsoft MVP title for Windows Networking for several years in the past, although my public activity on Microsoft-specific topics has declined seriously due to lack of time so it is not likely to happen again that soon.

If you need to get in touch, just mail the company: office@syneticon.net

comment “n/a” in German?
it should be added that "not applicable" would have a literal translation of "nicht zutreffend", which again is sometimes used as a synonym for "falsch" (as in "incorrect").
comment What do you call a “Questions & Answers site” (Q&A) in German?
@splattne It sounded too Denglish for my ears, hence the "Seite". Especially since the two words are pronounced rather similarly and used in a similar context for the web: website - Webseite. I guess it would be understood, although I agree that it is not extraordinarily elegant.